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Silver Fern Protein Powder Review: A Vegan Probiotic

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Silver Fern Protein Powder

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Most importantly, Silver Fern contains probiotics and digestive enzymes, so you get more nutritional value from your protein and the rest of the foods you eat throughout the day. Both of the flavors (Chocolate and Vanilla) taste great as well. Often vanilla flavors don’t taste as natural, but this isn’t the case with Silver Fern Protein. The protein mixes well with water or milk, isn’t chalky, and doesn’t leave a protein aftertaste. The ingredients are very simple and clean. It contains six different kinds of plant proteins, which combine to form a complete protein. These proteins are hemp, quinoa, pea, sacha inchi, organic coix seed, and sunflower protein.


Often vegan proteins are higher in carbs because of the plant sources they use. Unfortunately, this is also the case for Silver Fern Protein. Whereas most whey proteins have 3 grams or less of carbs, Silver Fern has 5g per serving size.

Bottom Line

Silver Fern Protein is a great organic and complete protein source. Not only is it one of the tastiest vegan proteins, but it’s also one of the most thoughtfully formulated. Its clean ingredients preserve your gut health, and its probiotics help it flourish.

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Recovery is just as important as exercise for enhancing athletic performance. The best athletes make sure to take care of their bodies to avoid muscle tears and strains. They also nourish themselves with foods that aid in recovery. 

The best of the best, however, also realize that they need to repair their gut health. Just as overused muscles affect athleticism, imbalanced gut health severely impacts an athlete’s ability to perform at their highest level.

Silver Fern protein addresses two of these problems: proper nutrition and gut health. By creating a blend of six different plant proteins, digestive enzymes, and probiotics, it provides you with the nutrients you need to heal your body and your gut.

Vegan Protein Powder – Maximum Protein Absorption – Silver Fern Brand

Gut Health and Physical Performance

Most people are unaware that increased physical activity causes leaky gut syndrome. If you exercise intensely, then your body will draw blood into the muscles that need nutrients most urgently. While exercise is healthy, it could damage your intestinal wall. This transfer of blood is necessary to repair and improve your muscle strength and endurance. However, it also puts stress on your gut bacteria, which controls almost 80% of your immune system. Therefore, you may want to take care to replenish your good bacteria with a supplement. A balanced gut works to heal your muscles faster while decreasing bodywide inflammation.

Those that participate in high intensity or endurance sports are especially more likely to experience symptoms of leaky gut. These symptoms range from gas, bloating, and IBS, to acne and food allergies. Now, outside of the fact that these conditions are annoying, they might not hold you back from exercising in and of itself. Often they are even overlooked as normal physical ailments, which is why they can quickly turn into more severe symptoms like joint pain, a compromised immune system, inability to absorb nutrients, and longer recovery time.

If leaky gut continues to go unidentified after all of that, it may lead to a variety of diseases such as cancer, heart disease, dementia, obesity, etc. Inflammation is, after all, the root of all preventable diseases. You need to preserve your gut health, especially as you start to grow older. So, be sure to take the right measures.

Thankfully, the damage caused by leaky gut is reversible. Since your intestines are constantly repairing themselves, you can heal your gut with a few diet adjustments and a good probiotic.

Silver Fern Probiotic

What classifies a “good” probiotic? One that contains pharmaceutical grade Bacillus, as these are the only probiotics that can completely restore gut health. Pharmaceutical grade Bacillus produces enzymes to break down nutrients and also kill off gut pathogens. Most probiotics are not equipped to fully complete these tasks or to survive the inevitable run-in with your stomach acid. In order for good bacteria to work properly, it must reach your intestines. The probiotics in Silver Fern Protein are in spore form, allowing them to last all the way to your gut and restore a healthy microbiome.

A balanced gut works more effectively, absorbs nutrients without digestive discomfort, and maximizes muscle growth. In other words, this type of protein powder can bring the nutrients exactly where they are needed. It can help build lean muscle, provide nourishment for the body, and give you greater energy.

Vegan Protein Sources

We live in a day and age when there are vegan options everywhere. Meal prep companies now deliver vegan meal prep, Beyond Meat recipes are in every wellness magazine, and vegan protein powders can be found at any supplement store. In light of all this change, it’s important to realize that not all vegan products are equal. Some may be very high in fats, carbohydrates, and sugars. Vegan protein powders often also still contain fillers, artificial sweeteners, or soy proteins—all of which can upset your gut health. To avoid eating or drinking chemicals, make sure to only buy organic products, like Silver Fern Brand.

Silver Fern Protein Powder

Silver Fern Protein contains six plant-based proteins, probiotics, and digestive enzymes. It also contains all-natural sweeteners, including stevia and monk fruit. This combination of organic ingredients makes it easier to digest, better absorbed by your muscles, and capable of keeping you feeling fuller longer. Unlike some other plant-based proteins, Silver Fern is a complete protein

Here’s a quick refresher: protein is an essential macronutrient for your overall health. It’s important to get enough protein before and after working out. Protein is comprised of 20 amino acids. Your body creates eleven of these amino acids, but not the other 9. Therefore, we must get them from the foods we eat. So, food source that contain all 9 of these essential amino acids are complete proteins.

Each of the six proteins in Silver Fern Protein were carefully selected because they each have the following beneficial characteristics

  1. Pea protein: plays a vital role in lean muscle growth.
  2. Sunflower protein: excellent source of minerals and contains all of the essential amino acids, making it a complete protein by itself. 
  3. Quinoa: also a complete protein, but acts as a prebiotic, too. Quinoa is a soluble fiber and as such, is directly responsible for balancing gut health and aiding digestion.
  4. Organic coix seed: lowers cholesterol and is one of the few plant proteins that is low in carbohydrates. 
  5. Sacha inchi: lowers blood pressure and helps in the creation of serotonin–the hormone that improves your mood.
  6. Hemp: high in iron and is a very rich source of amino acids. (It has all 20!)

These organic proteins and the probiotics they are combined with make it easy for your body to break down and absorb Silver Fern Protein. 

Silver Fern Protein vs. Other Veggie Protein Powders

Silver Fern protein powder is one option among many vegetarian protein sources. For example, there are plenty of hemp protein powders to choose from. Consider this: you are what you eat. And you are probably familiar with how important it is to include more fruits and vegetables into your diet. But what if you can’t properly absorb what you’re eating? Many healthy foods, even veggies and fruits, can be hard to digest. This means you won’t get all of the nutrients from them, despite your best intentions. Silver Fern Protein eliminates this problem. It’s broken down easily, absorbed where it’s needed, and keeps your gut healthy.