This Small Device Will Supercharge Your Bodyweight Training

By Soji James, CPT, CSCS

SKLZ Slidez

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A great slide option for larger athletes and individuals looking to enhance their body weight training. Pros: The Sklz Slidez possesses a larger surface area and the ability to fasten sliders together for access to more moves. They are light and highly portable, making them perfect for travel.


The court and standard operate better on different surfaces, so you want to make sure you grab the right ones for your projected needs.

Bottom Line

A pair of slides can make any workout more dynamic. If you are looking for a new challenge in your training, a versatile tool that is highly portable, and a simple way to take your athleticism to the next level, then you need to have these on hand. Sizes/types: There are 2 types: a Standard version and Indoor Court Slidez.


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When it comes to workout success, sometimes big training results come in small packages. This particular small package comes in the shape of a tiny, gliding disc that possesses the power to super-charge any movement.

Sliders look harmless, but they really are wolves in sheep’s clothing. These flat discs glide on various surfaces, creating an unstable environment that forces your muscles to work overtime. This element of instability requires your tiny stabilizer muscles and your core to kick in and help out the usual main players of the movement. The result is a seriously effective workout that requires muscular tension at each phase of every move. This leads to better balance, enhanced strength, more calories burned, and a body that is sore in places it may not have felt before. This tool will challenge beginners, but will also give an elite athlete a run for their money. 

I brought my favorite sliders, the SKLZ Slidez, with me on a recent trip to Miami, and was able to take my bodyweight training to the next level on the road. The slides are light and take up minimal space, making them a must have when on the go. As a larger dude, I enjoy the bigger surface area that the SKLZ Slidez provide. I’ve got large hands and feet, so other sliders I’ve used in the past have made staying on the discs more difficult. In addition, I like the fact that you can clip them together, which allows for the introduction many more training possibilities. The SKLZ Slidez also won’t empty out your bank account. At $29.99, they are an extremely affordable option, making them a convenient purchase for frequent travelers as well as individuals who just want to add a valuable tool to their home gym. You will feel the burn.

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