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The 1AND1 Discover Collection — Why It’s Our Best Collection Yet

A woman sitting on a stair, wearing 1and1 shirt discover collection.

Discover your strength. Discover your vibe. Discover your purpose.

Discover your fit.

The new limited edition athleisure collection from 1AND1 Life combines high-quality fabrics with the signature 1AND1 box logo and minimalistic style for a look that you can rock in and out of the gym. The perfect mixture of fashion and athletic wear, the 1AND1 Life Discover Collection brings you a performance T-shirt, dad hat and unisex hoodie in true white, along with a lifestyle T-shirt in bone.

Designed and Produced in Los Angeles, California.

African American woman wearing a 1and1 performance T-shirt a Discover collection.
Ambassador @deedeefbaby in the TDC WMNS Performance Tee in True White.

We wanted to design a T-shirt with a real level of versatility — a shirt that could go from working out to running errands without sacrificing style. So we created our 1AND1 T-shirt—and expanded the rest of the collection to fit this idea of versatility and style. Inspired, designed, and produced in the heart of L.A., every part of the production process was carefully thought out by the 1AND1 Life family to deliver a quality piece of clothing made from premium fabrics.

The collection has been designed with an active lifestyle in mind, with thoughtful details that give each piece a unique twist. The versatile, high-quality fabric is comfortable and durable enough to be worn everyday, everywhere. We’ve ensured that all of our clothing is made in the U.S.—with uncompromising commitment to quality.

As part of this collection, we’ve launched a secondary color called “bone.” When making the decision to expand into another color, we went back to the drawing board and focused on versatility, functionality, and style. While the pure white option has been designed for both active and casual wear, the bone colorway has been designed to be fashion-forward yet comfortable, for more of a focus on lifestyle.

L.A. Milled Fabric

Man wearing 1and1 TDC Unisex Hoodie in True White.
Details Matter. Pictured: TDC Unisex Hoodie in True White.

Selecting great fabrics from local suppliers has always been a top priority throughout our creation process for this collection. After months of planning and testing out different fabrics, we chose a heavy blend of cotton and lycra for the T-shirt. The lycra mix allows the shirt to sit comfortably without restricting movement. The overall heavy weight of the T-shirt causes the fabric to sit and mold to the body better than a lighter fabric.

The hoodie from our Discover Collection is made with 20oz 100% French Terry cotton. French Terry fabric features soft piles and loops on one side, and a really smooth, soft surface on the other. Made from knitted terry cloth material, French Terry cotton is a super absorbent and moisture-wicking fabric, making it comfortable to wear all year round, for almost any occasion.

The entire creation and production journey, right down to the fabric selections, have all been sourced domestically. If you love the feel of French Terry cotton, the Discover Collection includes the slightly heavier T-shirt that’s perfect to layer with the French Terry hoodie.

High Quality and Versatile

Cory Wharton wearing 1and1 TDC Unisex Hoodie in True White.
Ambassador @corywharton_ig in the TDC Unisex Hoodie in True White.

You’ll notice that the bone T-shirt sits slightly longer on the body. Instead of going the full five inches to create a regular extended tee, we decided to add just 2 extra inches with a scalloped hem, making it easier for you to get into your pockets when you’re on the go.

To create a shirt that offers complete freedom, we added a side slit detail to ensure the fabric won’t cling to your body, and will sit exactly where you want it to. We know that everyone has a different body type, and this style allows the tee to sit comfortably, while still retaining a slightly fitted look and feel, across all different sizes.

The hoodie is also slightly extended with side slits. The heavy weight hoodie sits well on the body without creating the dreaded muffin top look, which is usually caused by the ribbing at the bottom of a hoodie.

Produced in Small Batches

The 1AND1 Life Discover Collection is produced in small batches from local factories in Los Angeles, California. By producing the collection in small batches, we can launch a handful of well-crafted clothing to our exact measurements, and test each piece for fit, concepting, and design.

This collection is about quality over quantity. We oversee every piece of the collection throughout its entire creation process. With only a few key pieces, you can rest assured that the look and feel of the collection has been carefully nurtured, constructed, and perfected. Using a small production facility means that we have the power to create a limited edition capsule collection that is fully aligned with every specification.

Keeping it Local

From fabrics and textile mills, to the manufacturing companies and labor used, we made sure to keep everything as local as possible. We’re proud to say that every part of this collection is created and produced in America.

In 1960, roughly 95% of clothing worn by Americans was made in America. Fast forward several decades, and that percentage has dropped to about 2%. Think about it: just 2% of clothing worn by Americans is actually made in our country. We understand the need for premium clothes made domestically. Keeping it local and on a small scale production in the U.S. means that we remove the waste that comes from unneeded materials and transport, and ensure the highest quality outputs.

The 1AND1 Life Discover Collection in pure white and bone will be available this Friday, 8.30.19 at 11AM EST via our online store – This is an exclusive release with a limited inventory, so be sure to get your hands on it quickly. #DiscoverYourFit #1AND1Way