Electrical Muscle Stimulation: Is It Good for Recovery?

Muscle injuries can have harmful consequences if not dealt with promptly. If you do not tend to  these injuries properly, you might experience sudden bursts of pain, crippling soreness, bruising, swelling, and even muscle spasms. Numerous studies claim that electrical muscle stimulation is the most effective method when it comes to physiotherapy and rehabilitation aimed at promoting muscle recovery. Furthermore, EMS has also been credited with improving muscle tone and helping users build muscle. This article explores these claims and considers whether EMS is actually beneficial or not.

What Is Electrical Muscle Stimulation?

If you are new to the world of physical therapy, you might be wondering, just what exactly is electrical muscle stimulation? EMS is a physical therapy treatment that involves transmission of mild electric pulses to targeted muscle groups. EMS is often prescribed to those who are suffering from the aftereffects of a stroke or are dealing with the consequences of fibromyalgia. This process is non-intrusive, painless, and highly convenient.

Woman in Electrical Muscle Stimulation suits doing side plank exercise on sports mat.
EMS Is A Physical Therapy Treatment That Involves Transmission Of Mild Electric Pulses To Targeted Muscle Groups (Image Source: Shutterstock)

Not only does electrical muscle stimulation help patients recover from muscle soreness, but it can also help build more strength in the body. Technically speaking, this process triggers muscle contractions using electrical impulses. These impulses mimic the actions of actual neuron signals and cause muscles to contract. The repeated pulsations improve your body’s blood flow and can act as a catalyst for the healing of injured muscles. By inducing repeated cycles of contraction and relaxation, you can strengthen any muscle group.

This method is especially beneficial for those who have lost functionality of certain body parts. For example, stroke survivors or car-crash victims who have to re-learn basic motor functions can train their muscles through this method. EMS is also extremely useful in reducing pain and discomfort. To alleviate pain, an EMS unit sends electrical impulses of varying wavelengths to the nerves instead of muscles. This is effective in pain reduction because electrical stimulation effectively blocks pain receptors from transmitting any sort of discomfort to the brain.

Electrotherapy as an Agent for Building Muscle

Various physiotherapy, pain management, and rehabilitation centers around the globe use EMS as an agent for recuperation. However, EMS can also help users shed weight and gain muscle. With an EMS system, you can stimulate your muscles right from the comfort of your own home. Imagine sitting on your couch, enjoying your favorite movie while simultaneously building muscle mass that would normally require months of strenuous exercise. Seems far-fetched, doesn’t it? Well, studies show that this is completely possible.

Man during EMS workout in fitness gym.
EMS Acts As A Catalyst For Accelerated Weight Loss And Muscle Gain (Image Source: Shutterstock)

However, you can’t use EMS without actually exercising and hope to get the physique of your dreams. EMS acts as a catalyst for accelerated weight loss and muscle gain, and it might temporarily strengthen, tone, or firm muscles. However, these effects can only be short-lived if you don’t exercise to maintain and/or facilitate the results. An EMS machine can help you activate more muscle fibers during your workout. A recent study concluded that those who use EMS show greater strength improvements than those who do not.

If you consume muscle recovery foods, alongside electrical muscle stimulation and regular exercise, experts believe that you may begin losing weight and gaining muscle in just a matter of weeks. You may also want to include important muscle recovery foods in your diet, such as  cheese, watermelon, bananas, salmon, eggs, spinach, potatoes, tuna, and avocados.

Here is a 28-minute YouTube video showing a complete workout assisted with EMS:

The Basic Full Body Electric Muscle Stimulation Workout Start to End – Dollar Train Club

What Makes an EMS System Reliable?

Now that you understand the benefits of electrical muscle stimulation, the next question is: Which EMS system should you get? And what factors should you keep in mind before investing in one? 

As EMS deals with nerves and muscles, you should be extra cautious and only buy from reputable manufacturers. Look for an EMS system that has varying intensity options and adjustable treatment time. You should be able to customize the treatment in accordance with your needs. As you’ll be using it on a daily basis, make sure that the model you are getting is rechargeable. 

There are many EMS systems out there and their specs vary, so it might be tough to choose the right one. PlayMakar’s EMS system is definitely worthy of consideration. Not only can this product help with muscle recovery, endurance, and strength training, it can also aid in pre-exercise warm-ups.

PlayMakar’s EMS system comes equipped with 14 different programs. These are designed for various purposes, like endurance, muscle recovery, etc. Furthermore, this product offers more than 25 levels of intensity, so you can adjust the electric impulses to the intensity of your liking.

PlayMakar has enjoyed over 20 years of success in the medical field, so it is a brand that you can completely trust. However, if you are looking for non-EMS recovery options, Renpho leg massager and Hyperice Hypervolt are also effective for recovering from injuries and muscle strains.


Muscle strain usually occurs as a result of fatigue. It can also be caused by overuse, or by using muscles improperly. These muscle strains not only cause immense pain but also limit your body’s movement. In severe cases, these injuries can even cause permanent damage.

Electrical muscle stimulation is a highly effective treatment method that is used by a wide array of professional athletes. It not only aims to enhance your athletic performance, but it can also train your muscles to work harder and for longer stretches of time.

The impulses sent to your body during EMS improve blood flow and release endorphins, which aid in muscle recovery. Hence, if you suffer from muscle soreness, or if you simply want to train harder as an athlete, getting an EMS system can be a beneficial long-term investment.