Fun Things to Do at Home to Overcome Social Isolation

Locked down at home? Yeah, I hear you. No matter how creative you get, boredom eventually sets in. You can only play Monopoly or Trivial Pursuit so many times, right? Thankfully, there’s hope. While there might not be a full end to the COVID-19 quarantine in sight, I’ve got a list of fun things to do at home to help you and your family distract yourself while we all wait.

Join an Online Multiplayer Game

Want to break up the boredom of quarantine? Need to see some new faces during isolation? Why not play some video games? Of course, not all video games are created equal.

Father and son playing a video game together. One of the fun things to do at home.
Join An Online Multiplayer Game (Image Source: Shutterstock)

What I’m talking about is getting your family and friends to sign up for an online multiplayer game. Then, you can adventure together through brand-new worlds. Which games, though? Men’s Health has a great rundown of the most popular video games as of early April 2020.

Build Your Spotify Playlist

I dig Spotify, and you should, too. However, if you’ve held off on jumping aboard because you didn’t have time to make a playlist, now’s the time. Not sure how to do it? Here’s a great tutorial for you.

A young woman lying on an armchair with her headset on listening to music.
Build Your Spotify Playlist (Image Source: Shutterstock)

Of course, this is about more than just collecting songs from artists you already know. There’s an incredible world of music to explore out there. And Spotify makes it simple to do just that. Not into making your own playlists? No worries. Spotify can make lists for you, and you can check out what other people have made, too.

Have a Netflix Party

When it comes to fun things to do at home, movie nights have always been a favorite. But what if you can’t get together to watch a movie because of quarantine? Netflix Party might be the solution.

With Netflix Party, you and other viewers can sync video playback so you’re all watching the same part of the movie or show at the same time. Also, you get group chat functionality, so you can talk with one another while watching.

Woman Holding a TV remote control and play Dardevil, a Marvel film that is an original creation of Netflix industry.
Have a Netflix Party (Image Source: Shutterstock)

How does it work? It’s pretty simple. You need to download the Netflix Party app (hint: click the link in the paragraph above). Install it, and you’re ready to go. Just open Netflix in your browser and choose the video you want. Then you can create your party or join one that’s already in progress.

Follow People on Instagram

Wondering what your favorite actor is up to during quarantine? Want to delve into the private life of the recording artists you follow? From real-world celebrities to network influencers, Instagram makes it easy to become a true fan.

Why become an Instagram junkie? Why not? From photos to stories, you can follow along with people you like or admire. Some of the things that celebrities are posting during the COVID-19 quarantine are pretty inventive, too.

Hit YouTube

Ok, so YouTube isn’t exactly new, but if you’ve got time on your hands, then it’s a great place to have some fun and distract yourself. What can you watch? Well, almost anything. That being said, my recommendation is to check out the incredible range of YouTube video parodies.

A young African American Woman with a big smile while watching videos on YouTube.
There Is So Much More To Enjoy On YouTube (Image Source: Shutterstock)

Parodies not your thing? Then check out celebrity impressions—sure to have you “lol-ing.” Of course, there is so much more to enjoy on YouTube. Check out videos from your favorite artists. Explore new performers. Or sit in on a virtual class and learn some new skills that will help you up your game once quarantine is lifted. You might even get some ideas of fun things to do at home and post your own videos!

Top 10 Hilarious Impressions Done by Celebrities – WatchMojo

Explore an Online Recipe Book

Let’s face it. Most of us have a lot of free time on our hands right now. Why not spend some of that upskilling your cooking? No, you don’t need to jump on the “bake all the breads” bandwagon. You probably couldn’t find a bag of flour, anyway.

Skip the bread and go for something else. Delve through the recipes on Delish. Check out Chris Kimball’s new Milk Street. Get in touch with historic cooking and learn how to use cast iron.

Young couple in kitchen preparing together vegetarian meal.Preparing fruit salad.
Take Time To Learn More About Cooking And Bring Everyone Together (Image Source: Shutterstock)

Not really into recipe books? If that’s you, then check out some of the drool-worthy how-to videos over at Food Network.

You get the point. You’re at home. The family’s there with you. Why not take the time to learn more about cooking and bring everyone together?

More Fun Things to Do at Home

Sure, I’ve touched on a lot of fun things to do at home during the quarantine. However, there are plenty of other options! Here are just a few:

  • Go on a virtual trip around the world.
  • Visit some of the most amazing national parks in the US, virtually.
  • Get outside in the sunshine with a walk or jog.
  • Have a Facebook watch party.
  • Check out the wellness wheel and learn where you fall on the scale.
  • Do some of those landscaping projects you’ve been planning.
  • Take an online photography course and start capturing the world around you.
  • Use a smartphone app and start learning about astronomy.
  • Work on home improvement projects like interior painting or redecorating.
  • Learn how to meditate and find your inner Zen.
  • Explore eBooks on your tablet, e-reader, or computer.
The 1and1 wellness wheel.
Check Out The Wellness Wheel

These are just the tip of the proverbial iceberg. Not content with the ideas I’ve discussed here? Get creative! Find ways to make old games new. Also, consider pursuing interests and passions that you might not have had time for before the quarantine. Is now the time to take an online class and learn a new skill? It could be!

Get Started Doing Fun Things at Home

Being isolated can be an opportunity to expand your horizons rather than a time when you feel lonely. By following the tips and tricks above, you can find the distraction that you need and still have fun with your family and friends while still following social distancing rules.