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How to Save Money This Summer Season

Summer is a time for cold drinks, outings, and…frustration. The heat gets unbearable at times and your wallet takes the toll of it. No matter what you do, there will always be some unforeseen expenses in the summer. Your laptop could get overheated, water bottles might break, your children might have school trips coming up. There’s a way to tackle all of this. I’m about to show you ways you can save money and enjoy this summer like no other. Let’s get to it!

Why Frugal Living is Healthy

Frugal living sounds like a life full of discontentment, but trust me, it is very far from that. Frugality does not mean sitting on a worn-out sofa with canned food, an empty fridge, and always saying no to your children’s requests. In fact, it’s quite the opposite. You are frugal when you understand your priorities and invest in them instead of chasing after products you do not need. This means no hoarding, impulse spending, or other bad financial decisions. When you buy, you buy carefully and within your means. This way, you get to have everything your heart truly loves and not suffer from a financial crises in later weeks. 

A Guide To Frugal Living: How To Save More Money ︱Ronald L. Banks

When you stop spending money on useless and avoidable things, you get to use that money on whatever you need in a way that does not harm your relationships or contribute to pollution. This gives you more freedom to engage in hobbies and take care of your house well. You can finally stop waiting for your next salary and actually build that home library you always wanted. So no, you don’t stop spending, you just spend wisely. With climate change at its worst, the environment will thank you for saving money through frugal living too. Because opting for sustainable alternatives like taking the bus or bike instead of your car, for instance, is a great way to save money. Transportation is after all the biggest source of air pollution in most cities.

Saving money is an important life skill that will help you live better and happier. You’ll be ready for emergencies, have less stress and more flexibility to donate to good causes. You’ll also have less mess to clean. Financial wellness will also help you save your relationships since you will stop chasing long hours of work for extra cash to buy that latest model of your car. Sacrificing family time for money will only burn you out in the long run and create gaps in otherwise healthy bonds.

Ways You Can Save Money

You don’t need an expert’s knowledge on finances to save money. You can achieve it simply by making changes in your daily habits.

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Tracking is a financial tip that will help you your entire life (Image Source: Shutterstock)
  • Prepare. 

You should know beforehand what extra expenses you might need to work on, such as higher electricity bills, vacations or trips, and maintenance issues. If you are not sure, start making a list today. Make additions to it every year and use it to develop your budget. Set aside specific amounts for groceries, transport, clothes, and other necessities. Don’t forget to limit how much you’ll allow yourself to spend on luxuries

  • Get some fresh air. 

Sitting inside all day will only add to the energy load. Give your fans and ACs some time to rest. Find outdoor activities to keep you busy for a few hours. It can be as simple as a walk. If you live close to nature, spend some time with it. It’s free therapy. You’ll feel happier, more active, and attentive by keeping in touch with the outdoors.

  • Use the AC sparingly. 

Understand your locale’s weather and turn the AC on only when it’s blazing hot. Look for rain checks and windy days. You can download an app and check the weather for the entire week there. This will help you know when you can make do without the air conditioner.

  • Take the old but gold road. 

Turn off the lights when not in use, cook your own food instead of dining out, go thrifting. Reduce waste by recycling and reusing whenever you can. Grow your own vegetables. Summer is the perfect time for gardening. You can also save money by using one car if you have two and taking public transport frequently.

  • Start a side hustle. 

The internet has a plethora of opportunities for you to start a passive income. You need only find one that matches your interests. Learn the skills and then put them to use.

Financial Tips to Never Let Go Of

One of the biggest pieces of advice you can get on saving money is to look into energy saving tips. You’ll be surprised how much you can save by using natural night, cleaning your ACs filter frequently, and unplugging your chargers and appliances. But besides this, tracking is a must. You don’t have to track every little thing you buy. Just put up a rough estimate of how much you spend on each category regularly and try to balance things out. Tracking is a financial tip that will help you your entire life. It will enhance your short-term financial goals and sharpen your long-term ones.

The SEVEN Things You NEED To Learn for Your Financial FREEDOM – Robert Kiyosaki

Try to avoid debt as much as possible. Use cash instead of credit cards because they can amount to too much too quickly. But don’t pile your money in your bank. Invest. You can invest in stocks, real-estates, or other plans. However, investment can only be done if you’re already saving up. So make saving money a habit before you follow this financial tip. Remember, savings and retirement insurance come first.

Don’t neglect to create a budget. It is easy to tell someone to create a budget but it can be difficult creating one. There are so many ways you can go about it. The 50/30/20 rule is a good place to start. Keep 50 percent of your earnings for your essentials, and divide the rest into things you want and need to pay off. That’s how you can budget your next trip too. Don’t spend more than you earn and always set aside a small sum for emergencies. If you can’t start by yourself, ask your friends to join the 52-week money challenge or any other which suits your goals.


In summers, it is important to spend some time outdoors not only for your mental and physical health, but also for the health of your wallet. Enjoying the outdoors is a great way to save on electricity bills. In addition, setting a budget, tracking your expenses, earning passive income, and using cash instead of credit are some general financial tips to enjoy your summers stress-free. It’s also a good time to plant some vegetables and create your own garden. Frugality will not only improve your contentment but also help the environment. Remember, you can have more fun when you know you have a balanced budget and live your life free of financial stress and burdens.