Stay Healthy and Fit with these Workouts for Outside the Gym

The winter season is over, which means it is the perfect time to go out and soak up the sun. Although many people prefer to work out in the gym, there are many reasons that you may want to transition your workout to the great outdoors. Maybe you need a change of pace or want to save a little money on gym membership fees. Perhaps going to the gym simply won’t work for your life and schedule right now. No matter the reason, if you are looking to take your fitness out of the gym,  I have amazing workouts for outside that you can do outdoors and at home.

Take your Workouts Outside

There is nothing better than exercising under the sun, as your body can absorb the essential vitamin D it needs to maintain optimal health. Not only that, but workouts for outside are also mostly designed to work without any gym equipment. This means you can work out wherever you are and whenever it’s convenient, as all you need is your own body weight and knowledge of the proper workout technique.

Fitness man doing bench triceps dips during workouts for outside cross training workout.
Exercising Under The Sun, As Your Body Can Absorb The Essential Vitamin D It Needs To Maintain Optimal Health (Image Source: Shutterstock)

Benefits of Outdoor Workouts

There are many physical benefits of exercising outdoors, in addition to the numerous mental health benefits of nature. For example, when you exercise, your heart rate increases significantly, requiring more oxygen in the blood to function properly. There is more oxygen present outdoors than inside a gym, hence exercising in the open allows our body to inhale all the oxygen it needs without any struggle.

Another benefit of adopting an outdoorsy workout regimen is the convenience of location that comes with it. Outdoor fitness is all about utilizing the tools at your disposal, and parks usually have a monkey swing or free-weights that you can use to give your body a full workout. This means you can work out anywhere, even while you are on vacation or visiting someone out of town, and keep yourself fit. Also, keep in mind that the outdoor space is free of cost.

The most common outdoor workout is walking. People of all ages can walk, as long as they don’t have any mobility constraints. According to research, brisk walking every day for at least 30 minutes has amazing benefits for our body, including weight reduction, optimization of blood sugar levels, improvement in cardiovascular health, and mood regulation.

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If you are looking for something more intense, you can switch up your speed and go for some running exercises. However, healthcare experts recommend that you invest in good running shoes, such as the Adidas Ultraboost 19, to protect your feet and joints against potential running injuries.

Workouts for Outside

Not all workouts are the same, but some morning workouts can give you an amazing boost, helping you kick off your day on the right foot.

Strength-And-Cardio Circuit

This early morning workout is both quick and powerful. It is composed of three sets with three exercises each, including push-ups, plank hold, and squats. Each exercise should be done for one minute every set. For example, do a push-up for a minute, then a plank hold for a minute, and then squats for a minute. Rest for 30 seconds between sets before repeating this set two more times.

Portrait of a man doing push ups at the beach.
A Workout That Is Both Quick And Powerful (Image Source: Shutterstock)

You can mix and match any of your favorite exercises in these sets. Regardless, this quick early morning workout before breakfast is all you need to maintain a taut figure and energize yourself for the whole day.

Abs Crusher

This workout is extremely effective because it is intense yet quick. It also does not require any home fitness equipment. It should take you ten minutes to get through all four sets, with each set composed of five 30-second exercises.

Athletic man doing stomach workouts at home.
Doing Abs Crusher Exercise For At Least 30 Seconds Is Recommended (Image Source: Shutterstock)

Each set starts with a lateral plank walk. Then, do a forearm side plank with a twist on your right side, followed by the warrior balance on the right side. Repeat the same on the left side to complete one set. You can do as many reps per exercise as you want, but doing each exercise for at least 30 seconds is recommended.

Jump Rope

A very effective outside cardio workout can be done with jump ropes. The most amazing thing about jump ropes is that there is no specific technique to mastering their use. The only way to learn is with experience. So, get yourself a jump rope and start jumping. Not only will you have fun, but you will also burn off an insane amount of calories. Hence, consider including a 10-minute jump rope workout in your everyday exercise regimen.

Man exercising with jump-rope outdoors
Not Only Will You Have Fun, But You Will Also Burn Off An Insane Amount Of Calories (Image Source: Shutterstock)

How to Get Fit at Home

Some people want to workout without the gym anxiety that comes with being surrounded by good-looking people at the gym. Or they need to save time in their daily routine by working out before heading to the office. Or maybe their local gym is closed temporarily. Getting a good workout at home is absolutely possible. There are many workouts available on the internet. They are designed by trained athletes to help you exercise at home without going to the gym.

There are two major reasons why people go to the gym: first, to access fitness equipment, and second, to train with a fitness expert. If you are not going to the gym, then you are missing out on these services. But, your fitness goals might not even require any equipment or a fitness trainer.

For example, if your goal is to gain muscle mass, then you will need home fitness equipment for sure, such as free weights. But, if you only want to lose weight and look toned, your body weight is sufficient to achieve that goal. Investing in equipment is expensive, so make sure you absolutely need it. And while you’re considering what equipment you need, don’t forget about what you’re going to wear as you workout outside or at home.

Personal Training in your Living Room

If you have the internet, workout programs and trainers can come to you. You can find countless workout programs online, both free and paid. All you need to do is select one that will help you reach your fitness goal. You can also join an online fitness class by hiring the services of an online fitness instructor. These classes are provided through online video conferencing software, and beginners can benefit from them.

Here is a 20-minute video of a no-equipment workout that you can do at home.

20 Minute Full Body Workout (No Equipment) – BullyJuice

If you invest in a pair of dumbells, you can do all of the workouts shown in the video link below.

Workout at Home for Beginners (DUMBBELLS ONLY) – CHRIS HERIA

However, if you have a general idea about maintaining the right posture during your workout, among other safety precautions, then the free resources available online may be sufficient to meet your home or outside workout needs.

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